Friday, January 28, 2011

The Begining of Something Awesome

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This week was the first days of my last semester of my undergraduate year at Lynn University. And I thought to myself wow it comes to this. This is the beginning of something awesome. This blog is for my senior communication seminar class and I blog about anything. Well I decided for my senior comm seminar that I will be doing a one man show which will include written material by yours truly (points fingers to myself) me, Tully Bertorelli and other material such as monologues, songs, poems written by other people. To sum me up in a nut shell I'm from Chicago, Illinois and I'm a drama major (hence the one man show.) So my first objective that I'm going to do over the weekend as well as do homework is read 100 monologues and then pick 50 out of them and present them to my professor on Monday what I found. This is the beginning of something awesome.

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