Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Script So Far (Comments would be awesome)

-TV Static Noise-

Wrestling Monologue

Lights up, stands a figure, alone mighty powerful.

Voice Over: "At ringside here is the World Heavyweight Champion of the world the one and only--"

Interupt by the figure

Jack Tully: "They all know me, there doesn't need a introduction, but just in case you forgot I am the king of the ring, the master of grapple, the high flyer, the reflection or perfectiom, the brawler of all brawlers, the best than all the rest, Jack Tully."

"Well Tully, tonight you face the number one cotender for your the title--"

Interupt again by Jack Tully.

Jack Tully: "The title...don't you mean my world heavyweight championship which wrapped around my waist. Well let me tell you something. Tonight april 27th (note: date will change everytime performed) at the Smitcht Family Studio (note:place will change everytime performed) I'm going to give you the beating of a life time. And when it is all said and done I still will be World Heavyweight Champion of the world and don't forget to adjust that television, because it's time for Tully Vision folks!"

-TV Static noise-

That's what I have so far. Love to here some comments. I also have this but I would like to re write it. Any ideas.

-TV Static noise-

"You unlock the door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another deminision - a deminision of sound, a deminision of sight a deminision of mind you're moving into a land of both shadows and things and ideas. You've just crossed over into the Tully Zone."

On a side note. I've started calling people in my field. I emailed a bunch of people included the dean of NYU Tisch program. I got my first response. She writes:

Dear Tully:

I would always wish to be helpful but I am responsible for 1400 Drama majors here at Tisch and they have first call on my time and mentoring attention.

Good luck with your quest!
Good times. Well the quest continues until next time I'm Tully, stay classy Tully Viewers.

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